Ways to Check PF Account Balance

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In the realm of financial well-being, few things are as crucial as staying informed about the status of your Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) account. Your PF account is more than just a savings fund; it’s a financial safeguard, a nest egg for the future. Welcome to our comprehensive guide that demystifies the process of checking your PF account balance, empowering you to take control of your financial journey.

In this blog, we embark on a journey through the avenues and tools that put the information you need right at your fingertips. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your career, understanding how to check your PF account balance is a fundamental step towards financial empowerment.

1. EPFO Portal:

  • Visit the official EPFO website (https://www.epfindia.gov.in/).
  • Navigate to the “Our Services” section and click on “For Employees.”
  • Select the “Member Passbook” option.
  • Log in using your Universal Account Number (UAN) and password.
  • You can view your passbook, which includes details of your PF contributions and balance.

2. UMANG App:

  • Download and install the UMANG (Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance) app on your mobile device.
  • Register and log in using your UAN.
  • Navigate to the “EPFO” section and select “Employee Centric Services.”
  • Check your passbook for PF balance details.

3. SMS Service:

  • Ensure that your UAN is linked with your Aadhaar, PAN, and bank account details.
  • Send an SMS to 7738299899 from your registered mobile number in the format: EPFOHO UAN ENG.
  • Replace “ENG” with the first three characters of the preferred language (e.g., HIN for Hindi).

4. Missed Call Service:

  • Ensure that your UAN is linked to your KYC details.
  • Give a missed call to 011-22901406 from your registered mobile number.
  • You will receive an SMS with your PF details.

5. EPF Mobile App:

  • Download the “m-EPF” mobile app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Log in using your UAN and password.
  • Navigate to the “Balance/Passbook” section to view your PF balance.

6. Through Employer:

  • Your employer may provide periodic statements of your EPF contributions and balance.
  • You can also inquire with your HR department about the process to check your PF balance.

As we conclude our journey through the realms of financial empowerment, it’s evident that staying informed about your Provident Fund (PF) account balance is not just a taskā€”it’s a vital aspect of securing your financial future. In this comprehensive guide, we navigated the avenues that bridge the gap between you and your PF account, ensuring that checking your balance is not only accessible but also a step toward holistic financial well-being.

Understanding how to access your PF account balance is more than a matter of convenience; it’s a commitment to financial responsibility. Whether you chose to explore the official EPFO portal, leverage mobile applications, send an SMS, or simply give a missed call, each method serves as a gateway to the financial insights that empower you to make informed decisions.

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